How to Rescue an Old Smokehouse

One thing leads to another and makes it hard to get back to the first thing. On the same day, we both noticed that the smokehouse wasn’t standing up straight. It had one shoulder dropped down and one foot buried in the dirt – the stone foundation and sills were on the ground at the southeast corner. The ridge of the rusted metal roof was slanting at a distinct angle. Well, that thing led to another thing. Continue reading

A roof overhead – little cabin rescue part 1

For a year now, we’ve been stewards of 30 acres of farm and forest near a national forest in Alabama. Yes, owners, but I say stewards because we feel a responsiblity to bring the old farm back from the brink. It had been ignored and abused for at least 20 years, and most recently used for hunting land. We were drawn in by the views and the forest… Continue reading