Herb Gardening: Dill Vinegar Recipe

Our herb garden is flourishing! The dill is starting to flower and so before it starts to bolt, I decided to make a wonderful dill vinegar. This is from a recipe adapted from Lucinda Hutson’s The Herb Garden Cookbook. It’s a delicious with any salad greens, sprinkled over grilled fish, and makes potato salad pop with flavor.

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Out with the old grass, in with new

Back in Florida the dreaded St. Augstine lawn is not. It’s mostly dirt where lawn is supposed to be, and the @#$%& stuff will grow across a sidewalk where it’s not supposed to. It’s unnatural. Grass doesn’t grow on the beach. So on Easter Sunday, I attacked the lawn – scraped and raked the old grass and scattered in organic 6-2-4 fertilizer and then Argentine Bahia seed all around. Raked and watered in. This year has been the absolute worst for oak pollen! and a blessing for the new Bahia cause it fell and fell and covered up the grass seeds like a mulch. Water water water from the well every day for 15 minutes.

Nothing, nothing, nothing – then on third week seedlings were up, and all looking pretty good. Green where there was brown. This reaffirms my commitment to seeds and keeping things simple. We’re not going to coddle a lawn – this is just a postage stamp of green to hold the soil. We’ll see how it goes.

Continuing the seed theme, we planted lemon balm, basil, thyme, parsley, dill, collards, and borage in jiffy pots. And two of the rare Drop Dead Gorgeous poppies in a pot. Collards and borage popped up fast and are already in the ground at the farm. Herbs are coming along. Poppies struggling – clearly must use seed starting mix. The seeds are infinitesimaly small, and how they can push that threadlike root through the soil is a mystery to me. Continue reading