Digital Storytelling ds106 Week 2: Bootcamping It

This is my second weekly summary of ds106 Digital Storytelling assignment. I’m a slow student, now finishing up week 2 while the class is on week 14! This week’s assignment truly was Bootcamp, with substantial, time consuming tasks – all very worthwhile and resulting in great improvements to this blog. Here’s the rundown on the assignment:

  1. Customize my blog with links and plugins
  2. Install and customize a new theme
  3. Ramp up tagging of posts
  4. Reflect on copyright and my personal choice about permissions
  5. Do at least 3 Daily Creates
  6. Write a Digital Story
  7. Capture all of this in Weekly Summary

The new theme from Themejam is installed and working ok – still a bit of a learning curve on all the options. Looks like it will be more flexible than the previous one. The new plugins have made a big difference. Akismet has dramatically reduced spam. Awesome Flickr Gallery has help fix posts broken by an update to Simple Gallery, which I’ll never use again! And JetPack is providing better dashboard support. OK, done. I’ve been tagging all along and this week’s task ramps up that action.

The storytelling aspects of Week 2? See my reflections on copyright and personal decision about use of Creative Commons license here.

Here are my Daily Creates:

tdc302: Fill the frame of a photograph with a single subject today.

A quick, fun exercise in focusing on texture in a macro view of an ordinary object.

tdc307: Blend two pictures of unrelated things, one layered opaquely on top of the other. Tell a story.

Learned from GIMP how to create opaque layer of one image on another. In the process learned a bit about the freely distributed software for photo retouching and image authoring – great tool! This ds106 tutorial was helpful too.

tdc214: Take a creative photo without aiming in the viewfinder. Point and shoot backwards over the shoulder.

tdc310: Take an extreme closeup photo of a kitchen utensil; try and stump us with what it is.

Settings: 1/60ƒ/5.6 ISO 900 55 mm

Digital Story: Bela Lugosi in “The Devil Bat”

Here’s my digital story for the week, Bela Lugosi in the first few minutes of The Devil Bat, where he’s working his own brand of evil on his bat creature in the lab, goggles on after throwing the switches.

The DS106 Participant Handbook was invaluable for learning how to create and embed an animated gif file, even for someone like me, whose mantra is “when all else fails, read the directions.”

This assignment was fun, time consuming, and really was a Bootcamp experience on improving the blog and learning some good, open source tools. Thanks, DS106.